Who we are

Karat drives growth by designing and implementing the performance management systems and processes needed to expand a business’s capacity to handle large volumes. Then drives increased traffic through rebranding efforts and proven lead generation tactics.


Owner / Lead Consultant

Lance Pierce

Lance Pierce drives growth by doing things different instead of just better. His previous experience as a corporate innovation leader provide him the ability to both drive consumer value while building business models that are flexible enough to scale nationwide. Pierce’s broad experience across product innovation, branding and executional systems ensures strategies deliver results not just promises.

Operations Consultant

Mary Beth Brown

Mary Beth Brown has made a career of process improvement. From engineering roles through senior leadership roles, she has used a variety of tools to deliver measurable results. To her functional experience in lean, quality systems and project management, she adds leadership experience in strategy deployment and staff development.

Creative Director

Michael Ong

Michael Ong’s ability to leverage his broad creative talents along side his strategic focus make him a key player in Karat’s ability to create beautiful yet effective brand identities. Michael has years of experience in graphic design, branding, product design and videography.

Editorial Director

Andre Du Broc

André's skill in providing clearly articulated, emotionally evocative, and carefully edited copy/concepts makes him a wonderful addition to our Karat patch and the businesses we serve. André has years of experience in brand, media, and product development. He is, most of all, a storyteller at heart.


Results are what matter most..

Many businesses grow to a certain point and then plateau because they don’t have the organizational structure in place to handle the volume required of larger projects. We help design and implement performance management systems to overcome this hurtle. We collaborate with leadership to better define and separate roles and responsibilities and develop key performance indicators KPIs that give leadership the ability to hand over more ownership and measure performance not effort.

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Work smarter not harder …

Once leaders give each team member ownership over a certain part of the business and establish clear key performance indicators, the the work of improving those numbers begins. We collaborate with team members to map current state processes and identify the pain points, bottle necks, and waste. We then together design future processes that solve these issues and streamline activities to ensure consistent, reliable, and quality execution. Including the team members who will use this process in its creation drives a sense of ownership and engrains continuous process improvement skill sets across the organization.

Perception is reality…

We utilize our years of corporate level branding experience to create an identity that resonates with the target audience and clearly articulates the key differentiator. This branding identity is the foundation all future communication strategies are built on and ensures the company looks the same and sounds the same across all media.

Lets crank up the machine we built…

We have built an organization where team members understand their roles and key performance indicators and clear processes have been established and tested to ensure consistent and reliable execution. We have developed a clear and consistent identity that resonates with the target audience. Now that this machine has been build the work of driving leads begins. We craft multifaceted marketing and consumer engagement strategies that leverage multiple media outlets to drive new consumers in the door.